hello! do you think Jake will release a studio version of "Could Not Get To Sleep Last Night"? asked by Anonymous

I really hope so! I think it’s a possibility.. If he never wanted us to hear it and keep it under wraps he wouldn’t have started playing it live, and the response has been great so I’m sure (hopefully) he’ll do something with it!

Hello :) what's the nicest thing jake bugg has ever said to you? asked by Anonymous

Oooh that’s hard. But um, probably when I met him alone in London, and he could tell I was really nervous so he was asking how my day had been, what I was studying and stuff :)

Why Jake and Cara Broke up? asked by Anonymous

This was literally ages ago I don’t know why people are trying to stir this up again. We have no idea what happened between them obviously, Jake denied them ever even being together.


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You know that Jake broke up with Cara? asked by Anonymous

Yeah like a year ago?

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