how was ally pally? asked by Anonymous

Amazing thank you! Such a good show, Jake absolutely smashed it

Do you have the lyrics of "Could not get to sleep last night" or "Dream Girl"? asked by Anonymous

No unfortunately not! Until we get better quality recordings it’s too hard to decipher them :(

whos matt? asked by Anonymous

Matt Sweeney, he plays with Jake during big arena type shows

Okay.... Thanks 😂 but Robbo is Tom's nisckname or his surname ? (just to know sorry) asked by Anonymous

Robertson is his surname so Robbo is like a nickname because of that :)

Isn't Tom the bassist?? 🙊 asked by Anonymous

Robbo is Tom..

Who is robbo ? And who is Wayne? 💗 asked by Anonymous

Jake’s bassist.. And Wayne Rooney is a football player who Jake went out with in Liverpool after the show

Do you think there's a good chance of meeting Jake at union chapel? asked by Anonymous

Nope not really because the Q Awards are the same night :(

Could u post more pages of the book? Would love to see more of it since the guys liked it so much. I really hope u can speak to jake about it at one of the gigs! asked by Anonymous

Yeah I’m going to once I’ve spoken to Jake about it if I get the chance to!!

did he ever come out after bridlington? asked by Anonymous

Yes, real early. Around 11:30

those sessions are a bbc thing every year in the fall, bbc's Jo Whiley organizes them, then they broadcast them at some point asked by Anonymous

Yeah I know, for charity :)

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