what was the recent gq shoot he did? pics pleasee?:) asked by Anonymous

I reblogged them a week or so ago! It was the one with him, Jack, Tom & Grant :) the US GQ September issue I think

anon sent those two asks to 3 bloody jake blogs. wtf asked by Anonymous

Looool I didn’t even notice, idk maybe they just want answers haha

does jake have people pick out clothes for him on a daily basis (gigs, interviews, promo etc)? cos it looks like he wears what he wants-just plain t shirts&black jeans with the occasional patterned shirt. but what about photoshoots-does he chose out of the ones they offer to him, does he have any say in what he wears?? asked by Anonymous

On a daily basis & gigs I think Jake chooses his own clothes. Most major photoshoots for magazines etc there is a stylist chosen by the magazine/photographer - not Jake

Hi! I am going to London to! do you know what is the best time to arrive? asked by labellune

Whenever really! Probably around 4 to secure a good place if you’re standing

as a honest, and just curious question, why doesnt jake seem to smile in like photoshoots? is that just how he 'poses' cos obvs when hes with fans and stuff he smiles, but at reading festival during broken the crowd where chanting 'smile' (probs as ppl who only know a few of his songs, know he doesnt smile often) and then he finally did cos he probs thought it was funny/ridiculous how they were chanting that! i dont mean it in a mean way, im just wondering:) asked by Anonymous

Most models don’t smile in photoshoots unless they’re prompted to. Jake’s style is just kinda broody I guess, it’s what works for him and the photographers know what he’s like beforehand. The recent GQ shoot did show a lovely different side to Jake though, I just think he likes to play up to the idea of him being a grumpy twat :)

thank you anon for all the info. i might still have to buy the Taste It EP mp3 because of $, but thank you so much. the japanese version of the debut album was obviously awesome asked by Anonymous


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