what happened between jake and joanna brailsford? asked by Anonymous

2013 happened. Aka last year - get over it & let it be, it’s none of our business

i read on twitter that oli nominated jack for the ice bucket challenge!! do you have a link to the video? btw I love your blog xx asked by Anonymous

If you type in on Facebook ‘Oliver James King’ his profile is on there, click on it and you can see the video. You don’t need to be his friend or anything as his profile is public, and thank you!

what premiers this month? asked by Anonymous

The Relentless Ultra w Zane Lowe episode with Jake in

Premiers this month
Not okay

I finally saw The Fault in Our Stars and I cried like an idiot when his song came on. Even my mom started crying.

Lol Jen
hello! do you think Jake will release a studio version of "Could Not Get To Sleep Last Night"? asked by Anonymous

I really hope so! I think it’s a possibility.. If he never wanted us to hear it and keep it under wraps he wouldn’t have started playing it live, and the response has been great so I’m sure (hopefully) he’ll do something with it!

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